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Rehoming Displaced Families

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Understanding the situation

As conflict persists in Cameroon, there are now more than 450,000 internally displaced people (IDPs) who are on the run in their own country.

Most of these people are women and children who have been forced to flee their homes with very little. 

Those who are not on the street are currently living in overcrowded conditions, without dignified shelter, enough food or basic hygiene.

Our impact 

ADA is committed to assisting these internally displaced families with finding safe shelter.


Our highest priority is getting as many people as possible off the streets and living either in cheap but secure accommodation, or with a host family.


As food insecurity increases, we are trying our best to organise basic supplies for IDPs who cannot afford to feed their families, but our resources are limited.

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Your contribution can change lives

Your donation could feed a family for a day, or even put a roof over a child’s head. We are doing our best to help as many displaced people as possible, but our funding is limited.


Please consider donating to our Rehoming Fund to give a family the basic shelter and food that they need to survive. 


Our donations are collected through Giving Way, a trusted fundraiser for non-profits in emerging markets.

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