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COVID-19 Support

Understanding the situation

The spread of COVID-19 in Cameroon has added additional strain on our population already facing increased conflict.


The pandemic is worsening the situation of internally displaced people who are already struggling with malnutrition, overcrowded living conditions and a lack of adequate health and sanitation facilities. 


This, combined with an overall lack of understanding about how to stop the spread of the disease increases the vulnerability of internally displaced families in the country. 

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Our impact

Given that knowledge about COVID-19 is so low, ADA is focusing our efforts on educating the public about the risks of the virus, and how to stop the spread.


We are currently assisting in educating and training the masses on how to protect themselves by maintaining social distancing, practicing sanitation where possible, and understanding the importance of wearing a face mask.

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Your contribution can change lives 

Your donation could provide basic sanitation to a community in need. We are doing our best to provide impoverished families with basic hygiene and access to emergency health services.


Please consider donating to our COVID-19 Fund to give a family the chance to stay safe in the pandemic.


Our donations are collected through Giving Way, a trusted fundraiser for non-profits in emerging markets.

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